This week Liz Grauel, Product Marketing Manager at Tangram Flex, shares a recent conversation with Tangram’s CEO Rick Peters about the way the company is working to solve critical problems in the Defense industry. Rick is a former civilian leader in the US Air Force, and Liz brings a decade of commercial software product leadership to her role at Tangram. Both Rick and Liz have been with Tangram since the it’s early days and meet frequently to discuss the company’s growth and impact in the domains it serves.

It’s a challenge the Defense industry is intimately familiar with: Today’s missions…

In this post, Tangram Flex Engineer Andrew Allgeier introduces practical solutions to overcoming data transfer obstacles in component-based engineering. Andrew provides expertise in open architecture and cross-domain communications in his work on the Tangram Flex team and is influential in developing Generic Component Software Interface solutions in Tangram Pro™.

We’ve talked about the benefits of component-based software engineering before: testing is easier and more focused, systems are more secure, interoperability is improved, and the components themselves are more maintainable. It’s easy to understand why this approach is valuable, but as we all know there’s no single magic solution to engineering…

Tangram Flex, Inc., a Dayton, Ohio based software company delivering rapid integration with confidence, announces that its leading Component Software Integration Platform (CSIP) for mission critical systems, Tangram Pro™, now has DevSecOps integration with three Continuous Improvement/Continuous Delivery (CI/CD) toolsets.

Tangram Pro™ bridges the treacherous gap between system design and software component implementation with a practical engineering workspace for assured component deployment. Its DevSecOps pipeline integrations enable systems engineers and embedded system developers to adopt a CI/CD strategy for component oriented engineering. The three integrations include the enterprise and publicly hosted versions of GitLab, GitHub, and Bitbucket.

“The Tangram Pro™…

In this post, Fred Gillenwater, Product Manager at Tangram Flex, writes about our hackathon-style events at Tangram Flex and how we approach engineering discipline, user experience, and product development with curiosity, empathy, and deep understanding. Fred brings a diverse background in education, curriculum development, and business strategy to the Tangram team and uses his keen eye for customer experience to improve our solutions and the ways we build them.

In early 2020 we added a new ceremony to our agile development cycle at Tangram Flex — the Integration Event. Our intent was to create a team-wide event every three weeks…

Tangram Flex, Inc., a Dayton, Ohio based software company delivering rapid integration with confidence, announces its participation in the Resilient-Embedded Global Positioning System/Inertial Navigation System (R-EGI) Phase 2 program as part of the Integrated Solutions for Systems (IS4S) Team. The Air Force Life Cycle Management Center (AFLCMC) recently awarded Integrated Solutions for Systems (IS4S) a $95M Phase 2 other transaction agreement (OTA) for the R-EGI development and prototype program, a vendor-neutral open architecture for positioning, navigation, and timing (PNT) solutions.

Tangram Flex is providing leadership for the R-EGI software application integration team, establishing DevSecOps governance, MBSE integration, and test orchestration.

In this post, Eric Zwirner, Senior Engineer at Tangram Flex, discusses the impacts of component based software engineering in our software-driven world. Eric has a rich background in software engineering for avionics systems and cross domain solutions and provides leadership and expertise in developing solutions for Tangram customers.

There’s a famous saying that claims there is only one way to eat an elephant: one bite at a time. Of course this saying isn’t really about eating an elephant, it’s about taking a task of seemingly insurmountable size and breaking it down into sub-tasks that can be reasonably accomplished. Today’s systems…

Tangram Flex is excited to continue the multi-part series about bridging the treacherous gap in engineering.

In this edition John Weis, Director of Software Engineering at Tangram Flex, discusses the role of DevSecOps in today’s system engineering lifecycles. John brings engineering leadership experience from commercial and global software companies and provides expertise in engineering vision, approach, and delivery to our team.

Leveraging best-practices from industry in automated testing, continuous integration, and cybersecurity, the DevSecOps paradigm seeks to align the concerns of all aspects of the software development lifecycle. As it builds on Agile methodology that came before, the DevSecOps paradigm…

Tangram Flex is excited to continue this multi-part series about bridging the treacherous gap in engineering.

In this edition, Liz Grauel, leader of Product Marketing at Tangram Flex, shares her insights about the benefits of adopting a CSIP in programs that support mission-critical systems. Liz combines her graduate education in economics with a decade of experience in building software product and quality programs to understand market needs and deliver value to users and customers.

The titles, headlines, and quotes are easy to find: Software is never done. Software development is broken. Software is everywhere. It seems that we live in…

Tangram Flex is excited to continue the multi-part series about bridging the treacherous gap in engineering.

Scott LaChance, Principal Systems Architect at Tangram Flex, shares his perspectives on the treacherous gaps in engineering in this edition of our CSIP blog series. Scott is an experienced technical leader who shares his valuable knowledge and skills in systems and software engineering, architecture, and logistics with the Tangram Flex team.

Why is it so hard to build a system as designed? What keeps the conceptual design from being realized while satisfying the customer expectations? When did “code and fix” become a best practice?

Thursday, December 17, 2020 — Dayton, Ohio — Tangram Flex, Inc. (Tangram), headquartered in Dayton, Ohio, announces they have been awarded a contract to Science Applications International Corporation (SAIC) in support of the Air Force Modeling And Simulation community. SAIC was the recent winner of the Air Force Modeling and Simulation Support Services (AFMS3) 2.0 contract to implement, integrate, and develop modeling and simulation (M&S), training, and analysis standards for the Air Force, Department of Defense, and other organizations.

Over the past two and a half years, Tangram has developed a unique and comprehensive software solution to equip the Department…

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